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When you just need more soup, we have:

Soupy's on Wheels
(coming soon!)

Soupy's on Wheel is the best way for us to get the flavors of Soupy's to you, either at your work, event, or out in the streets of Louisville! If you would like to reserve the food truck, just give us a call or an email and we would be happy to arrange your next event.

Soupys_TRAILER_4 (1)_edited_edited_edited.png

Find us out on the Town!

Follow us on our social media to stay tuned to where we set up the trailer for lunch, or call ahead to have us serve your local business! When out on the town, we offer a food truck style menu based on the same recipes found at our restaurant.

Let us come to your event!

We can bring the taste of Soupy's to your event with our food trailer, with flexible pricing options, or a food truck style menu! Either way, this is our best option for large gatherings and local events.

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